Family Friendly

It's fun to be frightened on Halloween, but if you have small kids, they might not want to be too terrified. No problem, just order Decorations and Props from our Family Friendly section. We have hundreds of selections that can put you in the spirit of the Holiday without giving your kids nightmares. We have items that are just a little bit scary while others are not daunting at all. Selections include friendly witches, inflatable figures, cauldrons and cheerful candy bowls.

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Battery operated lights to put in pumpkins and battery operated candles are safe alternatives to traditional candles, especially in homes with small children. Let us help you celebrate family traditions. Use a pumpkin carving kit when your family works together to create a Jack-o'-lantern; Turn on our bubble machine at your annual party. As kids get older, you will be ready for some frights and you can find those here too. Simple frights like fake spiders, spider webs, bats, rats, mice and black birds can be purchased from us. Kids will get a scare from our skeletons, ghosts, arms rising from the grave, creepy clowns and animated props, just to name a few. Some of our licensed items include Ghostbusters Slimer lights and an inflatable as well as candy bowls featuring super heroes and villains including Captain America, Yoda, Spider Man, the Joker and Batman.

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