Fog Machines & Accessories

Halloween is all about creating a spooky atmosphere, and the quickest and easiest way to do that is to grab some of our fog machines and juice props. With a fog machine, you'll be on e step closer to creating the perfect haunted house. You can set the creepiest environment with some thick fog covering your yard or your home. Create a scene that your guests are too scared to even start to walk through. With one of our many fog machines, you'll be able to cover your whole yard to make it really feel like an eerie Halloween. You don't even always have to have fog come out, we sell bubble juice as well that will make unlimited amounts of bubbles escape from the machine too.

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Some of the fog machines are just basic and shoot out fog, while others are shaped like zombies and jack-o-lanterns. It's your job to make your haunted house exactly how you want, and we give tons of options and fog fluid for you to make it happen. Just make sure that your guests feel like they're in a horror film when you have your yard in a shroud of fog.

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