Spiders & Webs

Arachnophobia is a severe fear of spiders. Even people who normally don't fear spiders may be a little uneasy when they see some of the creatures in our Spider and Spider Webs Props and Decorations, which is why they make great decorations for Halloween. Hang them up in your home or business and get into the spirit of the holiday.

DIY Spider Nest Wreath

Show off our DIY skills this Halloween and even those with arachnophobia will be caught up in this wreath. This yarn ball spider wreath is the perfect creepy creation to take your Halloween décor to the next level. Welcome all of the guests to your Halloween bash with this Spider Wreath hanging on your door.

Looking for simple decor for your home? The order spider webs. We carry several different styles, including plain white webbing and ones that glow in the dark. Stretch them out to cover furniture, picture frames, mirrors or just hang them in a corner of the room. If you want even more realistic webbing, order a Webcaster shooter and webcaster sticks so you can create your own webbing just like a spider does. Other selections include spiders that can be posed, that are remote control and that come with a nest. Buy several and place them all around your home.

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