Prisoner Costumes

Lock up these deals because they’re too good to let out. These prisoner costumes are armed and dangerous for your next event. Whether your style is the orange jumpsuit for the classic black and white striped uniform is more your style, there are different choices to choose from. Women can go sexy with sexy convict costumes or more casual and traditional with a convict fitted shirt. Men also have their choice of orange jumpsuits, from the psycho killer jumpsuit to the classic orange one to the black and white “prisoner man adult costume.” Boys can also join in on the convicted case of fun with an escaped prisoner costume. Add some shackles for a more convincing costume to let everyone know you’re going to have to be locked away immediately for your costume being too great!

Different types of shackles make your prisoner look intense or sexy. Women can add the prisoner cutie ankle bracelet to accessorize their look. Basic shackles are available as well as a ball and chain to make sure you don’t go anywhere. Make it a couples costume – you can both be prisoners, or get your significant other to be a cop and take you down to the station. Be just like your favorite characters on your favorite crime show this year by dressing as a prisoner this Halloween

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