Princess Peach Costumes

Often a Damsel-in-distress, Princess Peach costumes one of Nintendo’s most recognized characters. Her endearing personality and luxurious style make it impossible for Mario not to come to her rescue. Become Princess of Mushroom Kingdom and get a Princess Peach costume today!

Princess Peach Costume Ideas & Inspiration

If you always find yourself choosing Princess Peach whenever you play Mario Kart or Mario Tennis, then maybe that's a sign that it's time to dress up as Princess Peach for Halloween this year! With your purchase of any of our Princess Peach costumes, you will receive everything you need to look and feel just like this gorgeous Nintendo video game character.

Peach has been in the Super Mario video games since the very start. As the royal princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she always seems to find her land under attack by the evil and terrible Bowser. This is usually when Mario and Luigi come in to rescue Princess Peach and defeat Bowser, only to do it all over again in the next installment. This Halloween, you will have a blast as Princess Peach!

Boast your skills in a Kart on Rainbow Road, tell tales of your frequent hole in ones in Mario Golf, and of course, tell everybody about how you whip Mario's butt in Super Smash! No matter where you go this Halloween, when you enter the room as Peach, everyone is going to be staring at you in starstruck awe. It's not often that people are in the presence of pure beauty and royalty.

If your daughter is a huge fan of Princess Peach too, then don't forget to pick up one of our Peach costumes for children as well! When your daughter gets all dolled up in her Peach costume, she will feel like a total star. Girls everywhere dream of becoming magical princesses living in castles inside of enchanted fairytales. Make all of your daughter's princess dreams come true this year when you dress her up in this magical get-up. Buy one of our Princess Peach costumes today, and go make this Halloween a night of pure Nintendo fun like you've never experienced before!

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