Princess Leia Costumes

Honor the late and great Carries Fischer with a Princess Leia costume. Princess Leia Organa is a feminist icon and one of the strongest female heroes in pop culture. Help take down The Death Star and Darth Vader himself in any of these variations of this iconic Star Wars character. In her trademark white dress and “cinnamon bun” hairstyle, any one of these costumes will help you tackle evil with the Rebel Alliance.

Women's Princess Leia Costumes

Rey and Jyn Erso (From Episode VII and Rogue One, respectively) have become household names to fanatics over the past few years. True die hards know, though, that Women's Star Wars Costumes start and end with Princess (and later General) Leia Organa. The daughter of the head of the Evil Empire and the brother of a masterful Jedi, Leia has left her mark on the Star Wars franchise time and again. You can recreate her iconic white dress or Jabba's slave styles with help from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Girls Princess Leia Costumes

Year in and year out, Girls Stars Wars costumes are an October staple. You can't go too far on Halloween without seeing an adorable Leia, can you? Rightfully so, too, this intergalactic heroine never shied away from action or a sarcastic comment, and Carrie Fisher is forever engraved into the hearts and minds of fans of George Lucas' franchise. Let your little girl live our her Star Wars dreams this year with a Leia costume!

Classic Star Wars Costumes

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." The famous words uttered by Princess Leia Organa to R2-D2 set the scene for one of the most successful sagas ever. When Episode IV premiered in May of 1977, thousands were introduced to the Star Wars universe by watching the evil and power of Darth Vader, but were given hope by Leia. One of her best moments steals the show in Empire Strikes Back with her quick-wittedness by responding to Han Solo's proclamation of love in perhaps the most sincere way she could: "I know."

Episode VII: The Force Awakens Costumes

After 30 years of peace and prosperity after the fall of the Empire, the galaxy is again in turmoil as the newly erected First Order attempts to gain control and reinstate the rule the Empire left. The galaxy, however, fights back, and when the Resistance is formed, once again we find the beloved Leia Organa at the helm, this time as General Organa. For the entirety of her time on screen in the saga, Princess Leia proved over and over that she was a character who symbolized hope and strength and resilience, and that never rings more true than in The Force Awakens. General Organa is the backbone of the Resistance, and she serves as both a symbol of strength to help Rey overcome her fears and as a symbol of unity to aid Finn in choosing to stay and fight the order he once belonged to. Throughout the space opera that is Star Wars, Leia is faced with incredible challenges and tests, and Episode VII is no different, and the outcome is the same: Against all odds, Princess Leia comes out on top.

Rogue One Costumes

Rogue One is the story of the brave and daring assault on the Imperial planet of Scarif to collect the Death Star's plans. Rebels Capt. Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso led a rag-tag band of rebels to the planet's surface to take on more than a garrison of the Empire's forces, all in the name of hope for the rebellion. As Jyn says in the film, "rebellions are built on hope," and her words are echoed by Princess Leia in one of the most powerful moments of the series. After the plans are received, the fight is not over, as they must be transported back to the Rebellion's base on Yavin 4, by none other than Leia herself. While Jyn served as a symbol of the fight against the Empire for most of the movie, Princess Leia somehow again steals the show with a single word: "hope."

Order Your Princess Leia Costume Today

Star Wars is a great option for a group costume! Have your friends and family join together to defeat the galaxy as Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker join you to make a great crew to sail into space with. Just need Princess Leia’s trademark hair? Wigs and headbands are available if you’re creating your own costume. Licensed Star Wars costumes are also available for those looking for the classic Leia feel. The force is strong with these Princess Leia getups.

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