Priest Costumes

Praise the Lord with priest costumes that even the biggest sinner could pull off. Bless everyone at your next Halloween party with a Priest costume. Costumes are available for men and adults, complete with accessories. Rosaries, collars, and crosses complete this depiction of the holy man himself. On top of that, different types of rosaries are here to personalize your priest costume how you want it! Not feeling the priest vibe? Cardinal and pope costumes  are available too for a religious look that will have everyone racing to the church. 

Shop Our Large Selection Of Priest Costumes

Feeling a little darker? The High Priest Zombie Adult Costume is a contemporary take on the Priest costume. Scare your friends and family to church with this one! A men’s priest t-shirt is also available for a more casual priest look. No matter how traditional you want it, there is sure to be one priest costume available for your liking – even if you need to confess to a real priest after wearing it.  

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