Priest Costumes

Praise the Lord with priest costumes that even the biggest sinner could pull off. Bless everyone at your next Halloween party with a Priest costume. Costumes are available for men and adults, complete with accessories. Rosaries, collars, and crosses complete this depiction of the holy man himself. On top of that, different types of rosaries are here to personalize your priest costume how you want it! Not feeling the priest vibe? Cardinal and pope costumes  are available too for a religious look that will have everyone racing to the church. 

Priest Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Spread the good word wearing a costume that will get all of your flock to listen to you. Praise be to the Lord for sending us a divine collection of heavenly apparel this year. Your mission will be much easier now that you’ve got a ton of priest outfits to choose from ensuring all these heretics should be fully converted by the end of the night, as long as you don’t join in on the festivities, or dance with anyone, or hang out with your friends, or – you know what, just try not to get any holy wine on the collar.

Be your most graceful self this Halloween, for whatever that is worth, with a black and white priest ensemble taken from this convenient and easy-to-access catalog. Featuring a top-to-bottom authentic look your friends might actually think you’ve taken vows and joined when they see you in your new priest threads. Team up with a friend dressed as a Nun for the ultimate divine duo.

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