Predator Costumes

Do you love science fiction? Predator costumes are right up your alley. Since 1987, this film franchise has thrilled audiences of all ages. Square off against Alien like in Alien vs Predator with a duo costume sure to chill everyone at your next Halloween party. Track down your next victim like the Predator does with masks, full body costumes, and accessories sure to take down even the biggest of threats. You’ll never see if coming when these deals for great costumes sneak up on you.

Predator Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The search is on for the ultimate alien costume featuring everyone’s favorite intergalactic big game hunter. They say the deadliest game is man and you’ve certainly come a long way to test that theory so why not make sure you’re ready to begin this Halloween with an authentic Predator costume chosen from an officially licensed selection designed to put you behind the mask. Transform yourself into the powerful Predator with the help of authentic movie-based apparel that looks like it came straight out of the big screen.

Military commandos will go running for the hills when they see you wearing this trademark outfits. We have the classic Predator as first seen in the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic with his fishnet mesh, and crab-like face, as well as other versions based off the more recent Super Predator appearances. If you’re looking for that one particular piece then don’t fret because we’ve got you covered thanks to various masks and glove attachments that will give you that extra edge you need to complete the hunt.

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