Popeye Costumes

Popeye the Sailor is a 1933 cartoon that quickly became one of the most easily recognized cartoon character to date. Popeye’s main plot is that a villain is making a move on his girlfriend, Olive Oyl, and Popeye gets into a tussle with him. The villain makes him eat spinach causing Popeye to grow huge muscles and defeat his villain. Be a hometown hero like Popeye in costumes for children, adults, toddlers, and plus sizes. Olive Oyl costumes are also available as Popeye’s adorable counterpart.

Popeye Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Celebrate a true classic this Halloween with a new costumed excursion courtesy of our amazing selection of Popeye the Sailor attire. This series is an animation classic and features our hero Popeye and his various misadventures often centering on his relation with Olive Oyl and a brute by the name of Bluto who often does his best to try and steal her away from him to sometimes varying success. Ultimately, though when the chips are down Popeye can always count on his spinach to imbue him with Herculean strength that he then uses to rescue her from Bluto’s clutches and win the day.

These official outfits feature officially licensed Popeye outfits and consequently feature an attention to detail and authenticity that’s fans of the cartoon will most certainly appreciate. We’ve got costumes for all characters as well as children making this a great duo or trio ensemble for the family that loves to watch cartoons together.

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