Police/Firefighter Accessories

Good cop or bad cop, we've got the Police Accessories to create an outfit that's sure to arrest a lot of attention! There's more to dressing like a cop than a blue suit. To deal with bandits and crooks, police officers sometimes have to take the law into their own hands. For this reason, they must be armed with billy clubs, pistols, and hand cuffs. We carry these items along with other uniform essentials like gun holsters, gloves, officer hats, and sheriff's badges so you can be an intimidating cop. These police accessories are priced so low you'll feel like you're committing a crime.

Shop Police & Firefighter Accessories At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

For the criminals, we have a variety of convict accessories that the other jail birds will envy. If the long arm of the law has yet to catch up to you, we offer great accessories to help you commit your crimes. Blow things up with some prop dynamite, or tote around an inconspicuous weapon with a gangster's violin case. Fashionable felons might prefer a sleek white tommy gun. Of course, if you're locked up and working on planning your jailbreak, we have a variety of shackles, handcuffs, and even an old fashioned ball and chain set. We also offer sassy jewelry versions of these items, so sexy scoundrels can accessorize with style.

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