Pocahontas Costumes

With any of these Pocahontas costumes, you can “paint with all the colors of the wind.” Be just like Pocahontas with any of these costumes that look exactly like the Native American princess in the Disney movie! Be as one with nature as Pocahontas as you run through the forest in her trademark brown dress and turquoise necklace. Want to be extra traditional? Try any of the Native American headpieces to complete the look. “Taste the sun sweet berries of the earth” as Pocahontas in any of these variations of the costume.

Order Your Pocahontas Costume Today

These Pocahontas costumes come in sizes available for girls and women. With different variations of Pocahontas’ original dress, you can go short and sassy with the hemline or longer for a different approach. Pocahontas is a traditional Disney princess with lots of heart and soul. Put your heart and soul into a Pocahontas costume this year.

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