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Do not rest yet, for there is still work to do! Put an end to the work of bad guys in any of these PJ Masks costumes. These are based on the popular children’s show starring three average kids with relatively normal lives. However, at night they become superheroes ready to defend their neighborhood and solve crimes all before going to bed. Your child can take on the role of Catboy, with super speed and incredible hearing. They can become Owlette who can see in the dark and blow enemies away with gusts of wind. There is also Gekko with the ability to climb walls and blend in with his surroundings. Browse our selection of PJ Masks costumes to take part in awesome adventures.

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DIY PJ Masks Costumes

Looking for a PJ Mask costume but would rather do it yourself? Have no fear, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko are here! Check out these DIY PJ Masks Costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes' blog. They're easy to make and fun to wear for kids of all ages! Make sure your kids can put on their PJs and finally become the superheroes they always dreamed of being. It's time to save the day, and we can do it in our peejays!

DIY Masks for PJ Masks 

Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko wouldn't be their super selves if not for their masks! Once they put them on, they go from being just Connor, Amaya, and Greg, to becoming the world's greatest heroes. There's nothing that can stand in the way of the PJ Masks! Get yourself ready for Halloween with these easy to make and fun to wear DIY Masks for PJ Masks from Wholesale Halloween Costumes' blog.

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Just when you think they've gone to sleep, Catboy, Gekko and Owlette are preparing to save the day. PJ Masks styles continue to be some of the hottest Disney Junior costumes, along with Sophia the 1st and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so don't miss your chance! Let your little ones stop the evildoers that lurk in the night, just like his or her new Disney heroes do!

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Fans of the PJ Masks animated series can look forward to a couple of different designs. All outfits are exact replicas of the ones seen on TV. They may not come with super powers but wearing these will definitely make them feel like heroes. They come as brightly colored jumpsuits with matching hooded masks, gloves, and more. Picking one out for Halloween, costume parties, and other themed occasions is the perfect way to show off all kinds of super skills.

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Jump out of bed ready for action with these PJ Masks costumes!

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