PJ Masks Costumes

Do not rest yet, for there is still work to do! Put an end to the work of bad guys in any of these PJ Masks costumes. These are based on the popular children’s show starring three average kids with relatively normal lives. However, at night they become superheroes ready to defend their neighborhood and solve crimes all before going to bed. Your child can take on the role of Catboy, with super speed and incredible hearing. They can become Owlette who can see in the dark and blow enemies away with gusts of wind. There is also Gekko with the ability to climb walls and blend in with his surroundings. Browse our selection of PJ Masks costumes to take part in awesome adventures.

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DIY PJ Masks Costumes

Looking for a PJ Mask costume but would rather do it yourself? Have no fear, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko are here! Check out these DIY PJ Masks Costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes' blog. They're easy to make and fun to wear for kids of all ages! Make sure your kids can put on their PJs and finally become the superheroes they always dreamed of being. It's time to save the day, and we can do it in our peejays!

DIY Masks for PJ Masks 

Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko wouldn't be their super selves if not for their masks! Once they put them on, they go from being just Connor, Amaya, and Greg, to becoming the world's greatest heroes. There's nothing that can stand in the way of the PJ Masks! Get yourself ready for Halloween with these easy to make and fun to wear DIY Masks for PJ Masks from Wholesale Halloween Costumes' blog.

PJ Masks Costume Ideas and Tips

Those incredible pint-size heroes of Disney Jr's PJ Masks exhilarate children all over the world with their thrilling action-packed adventures. With a cast of wonderful compelling characters, audiences are kept on the edge of their seat as Catboy, Gekko and Owlette use their various gadgets and skills to save the day once again. These brave and bold youngsters nightly don their pajamas and set out in an attempt to make the world a better place. The world of PJ Masks is a fun and colorful starting point for your kid's love of superheroes. Make this journey of discovery as epic as possible when you choose from one of our PJ Masks Halloween costumes for boys and girls! Featuring complete costumes, amazing masks and various accessories to customize and personalize their suit, there is no telling the unique creations you can assemble. 

Your house will be adorably well protected by your own precious masked guardian. Who could ask for more? Whether looking for a popular and trendy Halloween costume for your little one, or just a new fun outfit for everyday playtime, a PJ Mask Halloween costume is the fun-filled, year-round outfit your child will never want to take off.

Types of PJ Masks Costumes

Boys' PJ Masks Costumes

When your little boy hits the trick-or-treat route in one of our PJ Masks costumes for toddlers, they will be representing a new generation of superheroes that will make them stand out in a crowd saturated with Batmen and Spider-Men. As Catboy, they can show off their brooding tough side, while a Gekko costume can allow them to unlock their impulsive, creative playfulness for all to see! If your child leans more to the mischievous, dress him as the nefarious Night Ninja to give those pesky do-gooders a run for their money. Comfortable and durable, these costumes are ready for whatever quests or missions your Halloween has in store.

Girls' PJ Masks Costumes

When night time comes and Amaya transforms into Owlette, she is all business. Your little girl can live out all her favorite TV adventures and embark on her own when she is wearing one of our PJ Masks costumes for girls. She may not have an owl glider, but your toddler will be floating on air when she is wearing a complete costume replica of her favorite cartoon hero. Show everyone that female heroics goes much further than Wonder Woman and Batgirl when this knee-high vigilante shows up with all of the signature gadgets and self made weapons that makes Owlette not only an essential member of PJ Masks, but also a skillful genius that can inspire girls everywhere.

Masks From PJ Masks

It's in the name, so you know they're awesome! The masks worn by Owlette and the rest have become as iconic as they are instantly recognizable by grade school children. Made of high-quality materials, a PJ Masks Halloween mask is a terrific way to not only add to your kid's complete costume, but also to give them a convenient way to escape into adventure any day year-round. Turn any existing outfit into a full-fledged crime-fighting ensemble when they slip on one of these powerful and well-fitting costume headpieces. Take their enjoyment of this show to a new level when they can mask-up at the same time as the characters. Every superhero needs a mask. Make sure yours has the best one in town!

PJ Masks Accessories

Once your toddler is fully suited up as their favorite PJ Masks hero, the next step is to equip them with all the gadgets, accessories and fun add-ons that will take their costume from faithful replica to uniquely individual creation. Imagination is the key, and we have enough options to allow yours to run wild! When you check out all of our PJ Masks accessories, you can choose from capes, power-up stones, trick-or-treat pails, alternate masks and more to build a one-of-a-kind PJ Masks Halloween costume that will have them more excited than ever to get out there and have the Halloween of their dreams!

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