Pirates Accessories

Ahoy matey! If a pirate's life is the life for you, then you're going to need these Pirate Accessories to create an incredible look fit for the high seas. Once you've found the perfect outfit from our selection of pirate costumes, these items will make you feel like the captain of your ship. Whether you're a rapscallion or a wench, we have a treasure trove of accessories for buccaneers of all sorts. Here you'll find everything from eye patches and hats to cutlasses and hooks to suit your plundering needs. Some of these products are officially licensed replicas from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, so we've got you covered whether you're going as silver screen swashbuckler or a legendary scurvy dog.

Buy Pirate Costume Accessories Online

There are a few simple steps to creating an incredible ensemble using these pirate accessories. Starting from the bottom up, you'll want to make sure you have the best boots or boot covers on land or sea. We have several varieties for men, women, and children, so scoundrels of all ages can walk the plank in style. Make sure you're prepared for mutiny with toy swords, cutlasses, and pistols. Stash your plundered booty in a pirate money pouch. For your head, we have eye patches, head scarves, and hats that would make even the fanciest corsair jealous. We also offer fake parrots for your shoulders, temporary tattoos, makeup kits and more to make you the finest seafarer the world has ever seen.

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