Pimp Costumes

Show up to this year’s party and let everybody know who you are with a Pimp costume. Show off your wealth with accessories and props to accompany you to your next event with style. With adult sizes and plus sizes anyone can let everyone know who’s the wealthy boss. Get all the ladies with your zebra print cane and gold bling to make sure you become unforgettable. Put in your gold tooth and your dollar sign ring so that everybody knows you are not to be messed with. The ladies won’t be able to say no to your getup when you become the biggest Pimp at your event.

Feeling fancy but also feeling feminine? We have options for ladies who want to be pimps as well! Flashy Pimp or Zebra Pimp are perfect options for the boss lady inside of you! Complete your look with a cane and some bling and you’ll have everyone working for you. Shoes are also available for men! There are zebra and cheetah platform shoes – that will show them who’s boss. Men or woman, pimp costumes are a classic blast from the past to ensure a great time for everyone involved. Don’t forget to show off all your (fake) money.

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