Pimp Costumes

Show up to this year’s party and let everybody know who you are with a Pimp costume. Show off your wealth with accessories and props to accompany you to your next event with style. With adult sizes and plus sizes anyone can let everyone know who’s the wealthy boss. Get all the ladies with your zebra print cane and gold bling to make sure you become unforgettable. Put in your gold tooth and your dollar sign ring so that everybody knows you are not to be messed with. The ladies won’t be able to say no to your getup when you become the biggest Pimp at your event.

Pimp Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Don’t get left out in the cold with a costume that’s so square you weren’t able to attract any attention from the ladies. Instead, go with a proven winner and dive into our backroom selection of styling and profiling pimp costumes. Each of these has undergone a rigorous pimp approval process ensuring that you’ll have access to only the best in pimp wear and associated accessories. Now you’ll be able to keep your neighborhood on lockdown with a costume that will warn off any rival pimps looking to expand into your territory.

We offer a collection of 70’s retro-themed look based off the iconic pimp look with touches such as leopard and tiger prints with purple and golden colors schemes plus fun tie-in products like gold chains, platform shoes, and canes. When compiled together you’ll have one serious pimp outfit on your hands that will see you ready to start earning all night long.

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