Pilgrim Costumes

Celebrate the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving with pilgrim costumes. Whether you’re looking for your next Thanksgiving pageant or you’re spending Halloween preparing for the holiday early, this costume is classic, fashionable, and festive. Pay tribute to the colonial people of America in costumes from the traditional time of the first Thanksgiving. With costumes for men, women, and children, you can be a whole pilgrim family this thanksgiving – with or without the turkey hat. Add some accessories to your pilgrim costume to complete a look that is perfect for any holiday.

Pilgrim Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Pursue your right to religious liberty and attend the Halloween festivities dressed in a costume straight out of the early colonial period. Among the first Europeans to settle this great land, the Pilgrims were fleeing intolerance and in search of a place where they could practice their faith the way they wanted, an act which started an American attitude towards religious tolerance that persists to this day.

One of the most iconic aspects of pilgrim life was their fashion-sense. With monochromatic clothes and modest dresses and suits they showed their piety to God. Our selection of pilgrim outfits reflects with costumes on offer that if not for their pristine condition might be assumed to be relics for 17th century America. With costumes and dresses for both children and adults, our pilgrim costumes are fun that the whole family can join in on. They’ll also make for a great fit alongside Native Americans allowing you to recreate the first Thanksgiving.

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