Patriotic Accessories

Show your love for the land of the free and home of the brave with these great Historical and Patriotic Accessories. Whether you're looking for the finishing touch to complete your costume, or just a few items to celebrate Independence Day in style, we carry a variety of products to suit your needs. If you're participating in an historical play or reenactment, we have the tools you need to travel back in time. Shoe buckles, hats, wigs, jabots, and more are available in sizes for adults and children so the whole family can look their best as colonial settlers. We also offer Civil War swords and Abe Lincoln beards for looks from the 19th century. Paired with our fantastic historical costumes, these historical accessories will help you create a realistic disguise.

Buy Patriotic Costume Accessories Online

Our patriotic accessories are perfect for celebrating America in style, whether they're worn with street clothes or as part of a full blown costume. If you're dressing as Lady Liberty, you'll need a torch to light up the harbor, and Uncle Sam needs a wig and beard to create his intimidating and patriotic visage. Head to this year's Fourth of July fireworks and light up the crowd with one of our funky and flashy red, white, and blue wigs! Accessorize your summer duds with a sequined bow tie or stars and stripes vest to make a big impact with minimal effort. You'll have fun wearing this patriotic accessories year after year.

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