Patriotic Costumes

This is the time of year to celebrate our American pride. A patriotic costume in red, white and blue will symbolize your pride and nationalism. For the past 235 years we have had the privilege to be Americans with all of the freedoms that come with it. On our patriotic holidays such as 4th of July and Memorial Day, we can don our nation's colors in a variety of costumes and take the time to celebrate our freedoms. It is also the time to remember all of the men and women who fought, and continue to fight to insure our freedom continues. That makes us a very special and lucky country.

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Fourth of July costumes are traditionally red, white and blue. Most typical of choices is an Uncle Sam costume, a statue of liberty outfit, or a Betsy Ross costume that features a colonial dress in the colors and pattern of the American flag. Other special costumes that commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence are Ben Franklin and George Washington costumes.

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