Patriotic Costumes

This is the time of year to celebrate our American pride. A patriotic costume in red, white and blue will symbolize your pride and nationalism. For the past 235 years we have had the privilege to be Americans with all of the freedoms that come with it. On our patriotic holidays such as 4th of July and Memorial Day, we can don our nation's colors in a variety of costumes and take the time to celebrate our freedoms. It is also the time to remember all of the men and women who fought, and continue to fight to insure our freedom continues. That makes us a very special and lucky country.

Patriotic Costume Ideas

Wearing red, white, and blue is one of the easiest ways to get your outfit ready for this fun event! While there are plenty of outfits that have a patriotic style with a star-spangled look, take a look on this page of patriotic costumes to find outfits and accessories that will turn you into one of the founding fathers, get an Uncle Sam costume, become the Statue of Liberty, Betsy Ross – the woman who sewed America's first flag – and plenty of other fun looks. If you want to celebrate in style no matter where you go, a classic and colorful look is the way to go, but if you're getting dressed up for a parade, want to get all eyes on you, or need a cool 4th of July costume for a special event like a school play, try one of our character costumes! There are plenty to choose from no matter what you're trying to find: get a classic colonial patriot costume with coat and pants, add a little tuft of white chin hairs to make an Uncle (or Aunt!) Sam outfit look even better, and there are even choices like Martha Washington, a large flag tunic, stovepipe hats, vests, colonial soldiers, and Rosie the Riveter!

Group costume ideas

Finally, the fourth of July is all about spending time with friends and family, so take this opportunity to get a wonderful group look for attending parades, special patriotic parties, and plenty of other events. Make it a patriotic theme with tons of colorful looks to choose from and build off of, or you can get historical looks like Betsy Ross (complete with flag), our first president George Washington, the famous statesman and writer Ben Franklin, the symbol of American patriotism Uncle Sam (who made his first appearance in 1816), the Statue of Liberty (gifted to the United States from France, and dedicated in 1886), and plenty of other characters. 

Costume Accessories

A costume is a good start, but you can make yourself look even better when you add some of the fun accessories and costume additions available right here! There are tons to choose from, including Statue of Liberty tiaras, patriotic tutus, red, white, and blue bow ties, flag tattoo sleeves, traditional skimmer hats, vests, hats, and even facial hair! It's easy to complete your Uncle Sam costumes, one of the founding fathers like Benjamin Franklin, or any other character you want to build.

Patriotic Party Ideas

Vintage 4th of July Party

Want to make a cool, vintage look for your next patriotic party? We can help with that. Add some red, white, and blue patriotic decorations, get custom invitations and banners, create incredible tasty, memorable treats and potluck offerings, and all the other tips you might need to make an event all of your guests will love discussing for years to come.

Patriotic Emoji Party

Express yourself more than ever before this year with some of these extra special 4th of July costumes  when you make a patriotic emoji party! Fill your July with smiles and grins, and create a fun event your guests will love. You can create invitations and decorations, tasty red, white, and blue treats, party favors, buffet tables, games, and much more. Your guests will be all smiles by the time they leave!

Patriotic Decoration Ideas

Patriotic Pillows

Need a bit of comfort around the house? Add some of these patriotic pillows at your next event, and make every bit perfect for your guests. All they take is some red, white, and blue bandannas, a pillow form, sewing supplies, and a little bit of know-how to make some great items that make some stellar gifts, decoration, and comfort!

Straw Vase Decoration

There are lots of fun patriotic items available, but why not save some cash and make your own? These straw vases help you create a unique item that's perfect for a patriotic party, and plenty of other events as well! All you need are some colorful straws, a jar or bottle, and a few common household items.

4th of July Balloon Arch

You can get your guests ready for fun right from the very beginning at your July Fourth event when you add the 4th of July balloon arch! Put it at the front gate to your party zone to signify the transition into a day of fun, or have it stationed on the way to the backyard so people know how great it will be! With an assortment of red, white, and blue balloons, a pump, a decorating strip, star string decorations, some tape, and a few other items, you can create this wonderful piece of patriotic decoration, no matter where you plan on placing it! With just a little bit of work you can make something amazing!

Patriotic Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The Fourth of July is one of the United States of America's oldest celebrations, going all the way back to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which announced America's separation from England, becoming no longer subordinate to its increasingly erratic sovereign. England had been taxing, threatening, and controlling the colonies for years, and eventually it had been too much for the Founding Fathers, who took to the second continental congress and signed one of the most important documents in history. This event began America's life as a young country of its own. It led to a troublesome time, but from troublesome times come great things. In 1775 Britain came with ships and troops, and battled their former colonies until September of 1783 and the siege of Yorktown. Once the battles were won, and King George's troops sent packing, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and other famous historical figures settled down to leading a brand new country that would quickly become a world power.

Now, after the battles are won, we get to celebrate out independence every year with a ton of summer fun, cookouts in the summer sun, and incredible patriotic costumes that are perfect for all kinds of fun events, like parades, firework displays, and plenty of other colorful events.

Have a patriotic celebration this year courtesy of our amazing selection of costumes and accessories with a distinct U.S.A. theme. If you’re the sort who loves to have a BBQ during the 4th of July and watch the fireworks then you definitely don’t want to miss out on the chance to show your national pride through your new red-white-and-blue apparel.

This catalog features a wide selection of items ranging from historical-themed gear like Colonial costumes featuring figures such as George Washington to more symbolic images such as the Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam. We’ve got outfits intended for both children and adults as well dogs ensuring Fido can join in with a cute patriotic look of their own. You’ll be glad you were born in the greatest country on Earth when you’re celebrating with an array of costumes, and accessories that will provide everyone with some good old-fashioned patriotic fun.

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