There isn't a festival more focused on drinking that is bigger than Oktoberfest. With giant beer tents and long beer hall tables, this holiday week is the perfect time to get drunk, make a few friends, and keep a big goofy smile on your face at all times. If you want to be part of the scene you have to dress like it. Do that with one of the items in this Oktoberfest costume section. Whether you want to be a beer maiden or a beer drinker, there's a design that will make it be known that you came to Oktoberfest to party.

Oktoberfest Costumes

Respect the German tradition with the outfits for men and women that are made up classic Deutsch things, such as dirndls, lederhosen, and feathered hats. There are also plenty of accessories and costumes that don't have German heritage, but will fit in perfectly with the drinking theme. Dress up as a giant beer can or a keg, and everyone will want to stand around the miracle man made out of beer. When you get to Germany, all you'll have to be able to do is raise your mug and yell, "Prost," or "Ja Vol," and let the Oktoberfest themed outfit do the rest of the talking.

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