Nun Costumes

You'll get laughs at any costume party when you wear one of our nun costumes. We have both traditional and sexy nun habits that are sure to get noticed. A Sister is a woman who has committed her life to her religion, either by serving others or by living in a monastery or convent and spending her days in prayer and contemplation. Christians, Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus can enter the nunnery. They are usually a woman who lives in isolation, while a sister helps the less fortunate. These women take vows that commit them to the daily recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours (a set of Catholic prayers) throughout the day.

Nun Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Undertake your vows with a costume that will have everyone afraid to get on your bad side. Step into the not-at-all intimidating shoes of the nuns from your childhood with the help of an extensive collection nun-related outfits. You’ll feel the divine presence of the Lord when you’re wearing these, or at the very least like you can say things like that to anybody who questions whether or not you’re an actual nun.

We’ve got plenty of traditional-style nun outfits for your costumed needs but what makes this selection really exciting is all the more unusual takes and interpretations on offer. Transform yourself into a ghost out of a horror movie with a scary nun costume that’s covered in blood, or maybe heat things up instead with our series of naughty nun outfits that are so delectable they’ll tempt even the most pious man to sin. With so many options available you’ve got nearly endless possibilities so let your imagination run wild.

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