Ninja Costumes

Ninjas originated in Japan in ancient times. They were the spies of the age, known for being assassins and sneaking around enemy territories. Though they were considered to be lower class, they had skill and you can too, with any of our ninja costumes. Be like your favorite ninja movie character and don’t forget your sword and you look to find your next victim. Ninjas are a staple character in any Asian thriller and they’re known for their agility and their stealth. While nothing is as stealthy as these amazing prices for some amazing costumes, any of these ninja costumes will be sure to blend in (or stand out) in a crowd.

Ninja Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Your child will strike like the wind and blend in with the shadows! Watch them show the world they are a true black belt master of ninjitsu this Halloween. When they reveal their true power and martial prowess make sure that they do so by wearing an outfit that will intimidate your enemies. Nobody wants to challenge a ninja master and doubly so one who is adorned with an impressive outfit that shows they are a force not to be trifled with.

They will feel ready to lead their ninjas once they’re wearing one of our amazing ninja costumes. Featuring a variety of styles influenced by Japanese tradition and aesthetic, there is a Ninja costume for a combatant of every type. We have all-black stealthy costumes, beside golden-colored garb in addition to blood-red crimson outfits for a variety of color and looks that will provide them with the means to become a true sensei. Pick up some of our exciting ninja weapon accessories for an arsenal that they will make good use of.

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