Ninja Costumes

Ninjas originated in Japan in ancient times. They were the spies of the age, known for being assassins and sneaking around enemy territories. Though they were considered to be lower class, they had skill and you can too, with any of our ninja costumes. Be like your favorite ninja movie character and don’t forget your sword and you look to find your next victim. Ninjas are a staple character in any Asian thriller and they’re known for their agility and their stealth. While nothing is as stealthy as these amazing prices for some amazing costumes, any of these ninja costumes will be sure to blend in (or stand out) in a crowd.

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Accessories are essential to any ninja’s adventures. A sword is almost mandatory and we’ve got many swords to complete your dangerous, cunning look. You can be a different type a ninja like a ninja warrior and defend your land battling invaders. Anyone with a great imagination, young or old, can act like their in their favorite action movie. Kids will love this action packed costume and adults will love the nostalgia it brings. Practice your moves this Halloween with this great costume.

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