Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes

If you are looking for some really scary Halloween costumes then you can try a Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger costume for men, women and kids. Nothing could be anymore horrifying than bringing one of the scariest movie monsters in history to life this Halloween. That ragged striped sweater and glove of knives is truly what nightmares are made of.

Horror Movie Costumes

Freddy Kreuger is infamous for haunting dreams, and with any of the horror costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you'll surely do the same. Pick a licensed character from a well-known movie like Jason Voorhees, Chucky, or Ghostface from Scream, and you'll be the talk of the town - Just like Freddy was the talk of Elm Street.

Nightmare on Elm Street Costume Ideas & Inspiration

We know everyone’s excited about this Halloween, but frankly, we’re more interested in afterwards when it’s sleep time; that’s when the fun really begins. Haunt the dreams of your friends and neighbors with a terrifying new look that will give them something to leave the lights on about. Step into the shoes of the Springwood Slasher by uncovering Freddy’s secret wardrobe through this spooky selection of A Nightmare on Elm Street costumes and accessories. You’ll look like a cinematic icon with this horror film-themed look.

These officially licensed products are just what you’ve been looking for so that you can go sporting a movie-accurate look to impress your fellow Elm Street fans. We’ve got everything you need including the green and red striped sweater, knife-finger gloves, and latex masks showing off Freddy’s burnt and hideous mug. Be sure you pick up a licensed Freddy hat before getting down to the business of creating some truly iconic scares.

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