Nativity Costumes

Are you looking for Nativity costumes for Christmas pageants and festivities? How about Bible character robes for Halloween or church dramas and programs? Look no further! Now you can find all your costuming needs in one location with easy ordering access and wholesale prices for the best Nativity ever!

Buy Nativity Costumes Online

Choose from several male and female character types of designs that fit a range of sizes in both adults and children. For example, angel dresses are available girls, as well as women, in several styles, including knee-length and ankle-length. Colors are predominantly white, and accessories like halos and wings likewise may be ordered. Plus-size and maternity styles are included. Shepherd robes come in a variety of styles and realistic colors and prints to bring your bible character to life! Robes, overcoats, and mantles, along with shepherd crooks and sandals, will turn an ordinary child or adult into a rustic sheepherder.

In addition to Christmas Nativity costumesBible character items for youth and adults can be ordered in several pastel or bold colors to fit most sizes of adults and children. Similar ensembles can be arranged for figures like Abraham, Elijah, or other noteworthy characters for special Bible-based events. Accessories like shoes, beards, belts, and wigs will round out the appearance of each character's look.

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