Mummy Costumes

If you walked into a haunted house, a mummy would probably be something you would see. Mummies have (literally) been around for ages and are a classic costume choice for anyone. While you can always make your own mummy costume out of tissue paper for free, a better quality (and more believable) mummy getup can be found here. We have mummy costumes for people of all ages, making anyone who wants to rise from the tomb terrifying to everyone around them.  Mummies were originally found in ancient Egypt, but keep the traditional Halloween costume going with a Mummy costume from our website!

Mummy Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The curse of the mummy has returned and it is targeting your town this Halloween. The only way to avoid its terrible wrath is to pay tribute with an uncovered collection of mummy outfits and apparel discovered in an unnamed tomb deep in the Valley of the Kings!

Transform yourself into one of these undead Egyptian princes and kings with a spooky set of outfits that feel like they came straight out of a Boris Karloff horror flick. Mummies have long been a staple of the silver screen thanks to their ghostly like appearance and the Egyptian fascination with preserving the corpse of the dead for the eventual resurrection. Our catalog features a wide range of outfits ranging from goofy outfits showcasing cartoon mummies that don’t look like they could harm a soul, to full-out shambling monstrosities of the sort that most definitely feel like they’ve already amassed a body count consisting of poor excavators.

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