Multi Color Wigs & Facial Hair

Every good costume is made by a good wig and we have tons of them. Make sure your wig isn't too generic though. Our Multicolor Wigs will make you stand out from the crowd and let you have fun while wearing these outfits. Don't let your costume be boring; add some color to your life.

If you could think of a hairdo then there's a high chance that we have it here. The multi color wigs that we have come in various different styles from straight and long hair to giant afros. Take a look at everything in between to see what would fit your costume best or what hairstyle you just want to try out.

These multicolor wigs also come in various different colors obviously. You could go very vibrant with some of our rainbow wigs that are perfect for clown costumes. You could also keep it very simple and two-toned with a black and white wig that Cruella de Vil would be proud of. All the colors of the world can be found in our wig selection that will keep you hunting for just the right choice.

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