Mrs. Claus Costumes

Men have Santa Suits so women need an easily recognizable and jolly Christmas costume too. Mrs. Claus costumes offer a festive red and white dress that resembles the Santa suit but with a very feminine twist. It is the ideal complement to Santa but is lovely enough to stand on its own. Mrs. Claus can fill in for Santa at the workshop, around the North Pole, at any shopping mall and in any home. When you wear a Mrs. Claus costume or a Miss Santa costume, you can do anything that St. Nick can do but you will look much prettier. To get the best Mrs. Claus costume simply ask yourself these two questions: For what purpose do I need this costume and how much do I want to spend?

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You can get a Mrs. Claus costume that will make you look like a lovable grandmother, a prim and proper lady, a glamorous and romantic woman or a sexy Christmas vixen. If you are doing anything for a school, charity event or professional appearance, the traditional white-haired granny Mrs. Claus costume is best. For hosting a holiday party whether it is at home or work, a glamorous outfit that is cut just about the knee would be very appropriate. If your party is with friends then you can wear a Miss Santa costume with more sex appeal like a strapless red dress with white trim and a matching capelet. We suggest you reserve the sexy Mrs. Claus costumes for very special private occasions.

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Once you have picked the style you want, you will be able to narrow your search according to your budget. With our wholesale prices it should be easy to get exactly what you are looking for at a very affordable price.

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