Mortal Kombat Costume

Fighting game fanatics will love wearing one of the many Mortal Kombat outfits from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. We sell all of our costumes at a low price, and we provide fast shipping for you to get your purchases as soon as possible. Order your Mortal Kombat costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes today!

Mortal Kombat Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Celebrate your favorite video game this Halloween when you put on one of our elite quality Mortal Kombat Costumes! Whether you love Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, or Kitana, you will be looking more fierce than ever this Halloween while all dressed up in one of our awesome costumes.

Fight your way to the top and show everyone your wicked moves when you enter the party dressed as one of these excellent fighters. There's so many amazing fighters to choose from in these games, that it's hard to find your favorite. You can shoot fireballs like Liu Kang, throw green spirit hatchets like Nightwolf, spit poisonous blobs like Reptile, smash the ground with all four arms like Goro, or wield your bony arm-swords like Baraka!

Whether you have mastered all the moves or are just in it for the fatalities, Mortal Kombat still remains to this day, one of the best fighting video games to ever hit the market. Walk into the party donning your Mortal Kombat costume today, and you're guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms by fellow Kombat players. Team up with some friends and roll out as a pack this year when you all dress up as your favorite martial artists from the game!

Just imagine the look on everyone's faces when Smoke, Quan Chi, Ermac, Jax, Johnny Cage, and Kano all enter the room at once, ready to party and dance. It will be a Mortal Kombat miracle! If your child is a big fan of these awesome video games too, be sure to direct them our way! We have all kinds of fun costumes for your child, toddler, or infant to dress up in this year. Trick or treating will be a blast when it's a Mortal Kombat celebration. Buy one of our Mortal Kombat costumes today, and go make this Halloween your best fight yet!

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