Mortal Kombat Costume

Fighting game fanatics will love wearing one of the many Mortal Kombat outfits from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. We sell all of our costumes at a low price, and we provide fast shipping for you to get your purchases as soon as possible. Order your Mortal Kombat costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes today!

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Test Your Might at Wholesale Halloween Costumes If you're a fan of NetherRealm Studios' hit fighting game franchise, you will love one of our awesome Mortal Kombat costumes. Dress up as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Katana, or any one of your favorite Kombatants to impress your friends this Halloween. You'll look merciless and stylish in a Mortal Kombat outfit from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

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Become Your Favorite Mortal Kombat Character! Since the early 1990's, Mortal Kombat has been both famous and infamous for its fun one-on-one gameplay and use of violent gore. At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we let you transform into your favorite deadly fighter for an affordable price. With our large selection of outfits and fast shipment time, it would be a mortal mistake to shop anywhere else. Score a fatality by ordering your Mortal Kombat costume online from Wholesale Halloween Costumes today!

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