Monsters Inc Costumes

Check under your bed for monsters before you become one yourself in these Monsters Inc. costumes. Are you a scarer or a scare assistant? Whether you want to be Mike the one eyed monster or Sully the giant blue teddy bear, each getup will be sure to scare the pants off anyone! With both costumes from Monsters University and Monsters, Inc., college and post college Mike and Sully are excellent options for anyone looking for a scary time. Make this a duo costume for you and your pal to find little Boo and scare off Randall and all of the other bad guys!

Disney-Pixar Costumes

You'll have enough screams to power up all of Monstropolis when you dress up as Sulley this Halloween! Wholesale Halloween Costumes has a great selection of Monsters Inc. looks, and other classic Disney Costumes that are sure to make your October magical.  Whether you want to dress up like Mike Wazowski, or you'd rather wear a Buzz Lightyear Costume, you'll find exactly what you need with our selection. And just remember - We scare because we care!

Monsters Inc Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Just because monsters go around scaring people doesn’t mean that it’s personal, they’ve got a job to do just like everyone else. In fact once you get to know them you’d find they are quite personable, and perhaps none more so than Sullivan and Mike, a wisecracking duo that star in the animated classic Monsters Inc. And now we’ve got just the selection designed for fans of these colorful pals making for an exciting opportunity to dress up as a true duo that will net plenty of happy frights this Halloween season.

The Monsters Inc. series has had plenty of installments and we’ve got you covered no matter which one is your favorite with a diverse catalog that’s been officially approved by Pixar for all of your costume needs. Whether you’re going back to university or just hanging with your best friend Boo fans will love the chance to star in their very own cartoon adventure this year.

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