Moana Costumes

DIY Maui's Magical Fish Hook

With his singing, dancing and sailing, Maui, the demigod in Disney’s newest animated classic, Moana has captivated the world. But do you expect anything less from a character being voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Maui and Moana travel across the sea to return the heart of Te Fiti to its rightful home. Maui gets his shapeshifting abilities from his magical fish hook, a gift from the gods. Thanks to this easy to do DIY costume accessory, you can create your own version of Maui’s fish hook!

Moana Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Pick up an amazing costume for your child that will have them thanking you all Halloween long, and when you receive that kind of praise the only thing that needs to be said is, ‘you’re welcome!’ Create a pacific adventure to help brighten up the mood this Halloween that will look like a recreation of Moana thanks to a collection of costumes and accessories based directly on this amazing Disney animated movie.

The outfits are all officially licensed and consequently feature an impressive level of detail and care in their construction that makes for a look that almost feels as if it leaped straight out of the film. Girls also won’t want to be without cool little touches like Moana’s necklace or magical oar, additional items such as this can really take a good costume and make it great. Be sure to pick up a wig to help enhance the costume even further. Get a Maui costume, as well as her pet chicken, Heihei for a complete ensemble with your girl in the starring role.

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