Michael Myers Costumes

Michael Myers is one of the most popular horror movie characters in pop culture. His blue suit, trademark mask, and large kitchen knife are three things that make his victims cower in fear. Even with a whole franchise under his belt, Myers still remains as horrifying as ever. Terrorize your family and friends with our Michael Myers costumes, complete with the mask, suit, and knife. Whether you’re putting the costume together yourself with separate items or need all three, we have what you need to make you the scariest one at the party.

Michael Myers Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Stalk your way around town just like the Haddonfield Slasher thanks to our supply of authentic and exciting costumes designed to make you look just like the one and only Michael Meyers. Based on the killer from Halloween this product will make for an excellent fit on the holiday of the same name ensuring a new nightmare that will make this one day to never forget. These officially licensed items make for fantastic replicas and feature the sorts of touches that only fans can truly appreciate.

The costumes feature Michael’s trademark blue workman’s jumpsuit as well as a matching mask with a wig that makes for one inescapably good look.  The Michael Meyers masks included also include authentic details such as blood trails from the eyes which occurred near the end of Halloween II. The costume from the Rob Zombie is even here ensuring there’s something for Halloween fans of all stripes.

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