Mermaid Costumes

After watching the Little Mermaid, most little girls go through a phase of fascination with living under the sea. When the movie came out, what followed was a frenzy for every little girl to look like Ariel. Today, as popular as she still is, there are many other designs and choices when it comes to mermaid costumes for any occasion.

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Hooked Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Not all underwater tales have happy endings. The depths of the ocean are filled with sea urchins and grime, but if you get too close to the surface, you might catch a hook! If you're looking to be a poor, unfortunate soul this Halloween, use our Hooked Mermaid tutorial as your guide!

Kids Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Don't let that gory, grimy look to the left deter your little one from flipping his or her fins! Mermaid looks can be fun, and this Kids Mermaid makeup tutorial is a simple way to achieve that perfect style to be a part of that world.

The newest flair in mermaid Halloween outfits are the use of embellished pants instead of the more traditional awkward tail-fin skirt. By purchasing a pants style instead, trick or treating becomes much more fun since the wearer can take a full step instead of being hindered in their movements by a tight skirt. You don't have to worry about the mermaid dress causing you or your children to trip, have sore calves and feet, or cause slower movements when going door to door.

Mermaid Halloween costumes also come in a wide range that vary greatly in modesty. From a very bare seashell bra and skirt/pants to an elaborate dress, you can pick the right one for your needs. If you live farther north and need something that will cover more skin due to the weather, then try one of the more modest designs or if you live in southern coastal region more skin can help battle the heat. It is also possible to get exact replica of Ariel's look, or the choose something that has little reference to any famous sea sirens.

Whatever the style, design and type of mermaid costumes you're looking for, our company provides a large selection of beautiful and unique outfits for Halloween and other special occasions. The choices vary as much as the situations in which they may be worn and we hope you find exactly what you're looking for in our mermaid category.

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