Mermaid Costumes

After watching the Little Mermaid, most little girls go through a phase of fascination with living under the sea. When the movie came out, what followed was a frenzy for every little girl to look like Ariel. Today, as popular as she still is, there are many other designs and choices when it comes to mermaid costumes for any occasion.

Mermaid Costumes

Any girl or woman loves to dress up as beautiful and legendary creatures, and finding a perfect Mermaid Halloween costume for your girl has never been easier for her next fun night of costumes and treats with this big collection! Not only can you get classic Disney's Little Mermaid outfits that sparkle and shine from under the sea to on dry land, but there are mermaid princesses, pink mermaid maidens, magical mermaids, seahorse-riding seaquestrian mermaids, pink outfits, Barbie outfits, and lots more! From extra special prestige looks to shining dresses and skirts, she's sure to find a wonderful look she loves! 

There are also tons of wonderful women's mermaid outfits available. All of these costumes have long, pretty dresses, shining bodices, and lots of other fun pieces and items that are great for any kind of night out on the town or day at the beach. Look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, or get another look that helps you look your best. Not only can you get pretty outfits, but sexy ones too! The sailors of your next party will be all over you – we offer full-length skirts, body suits, long and elegant gowns, and plenty of different styles of each of them, so getting the perfect costume is simple! Whether you're getting ready for a night of trick-or-treating, going to a fun costume party with other legendary characters, or just want to get an incredible outfit for another kind of dress-up event, this collection will help you find something special!

Hooked Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Do you want to make a weird and wild Mermaid look for your next night of dress-up? Then this cool hooked mermaid makeup tutorial is sure to please! Get caught with a memorable look with the help of step-by-step pictures, instructional guides, a list of necessary materials, and a handy video that shows you just what to do at each step. It's easy to get this cool look, and you're sure to be a memorable maid at a fun costume party or any other kind of dress-up event. You won't have a real hook in your mouth, but people will be doing double-takes anywhere you go!

Mermaid Costume Accessories

Our Mermaid Halloween costumes are a great beginning, and making them look just right has never been easier! This big list of fun costume accessories helps you create a look that's unique, memorable, and eye-catching for any kind of event, be it dressing up for a night of costume parties, going out for some trick-or-treating, and much more!

We carry long, scaly mermaid tails, tops and seashell bras, curly red wigs that help women and girls alike look like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, wands, shoes, and plenty of other handy items that help make any underwater costume better than ever. Rule over the seas and become the queen of the waves at your next Halloween party!

mermaid party ideas

mermaid birthday party

If you're interested in making something incredible for your young mermaid fan, then take a look at the cool ideas, tips, and tricks available in this blog post about a Mermaid birthday party! Start with a collection of colorful and exciting decorations, featuring generic mermaid or Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Once all your mermaid friends have been notified of the time and date, start getting some decorations that turn your chosen party space into a wonderful under-the-sea kingdom! You can make backdrops, banners, dot garlands, tablecovers, tableware like napkins and plates, silver placemats, and plenty of other fun and colorful items. 


Want to add something cool to your next special mermaid party – something that not only helps the event look great, but acts as a fun party favor for your young guests? Take a look at this DIY mermaid chair tutu, and start creating your own! All it takes is a few rolls of colorful fabric, scissors, and ribbon, and you can start creating something your guests can use to remember the fun for years to come. This guide features step-by-step instructions, pictures, and tips, so it will be easy to create something fun and easy for any mermaid party!

Mermaid Facts

One of the most famous ocean myths is the mermaid – the half-human, half-fish beauty who would lure seamen and fisherman away from their crews into the water. Get a thrilling mermaid costume to help you get an amazing outfit for a night of costume parties, going out for trick-or-treating, and any other kind of dress-up event! 

Mermaids in several different forms have appeared in hundreds of myths and stories from all over the world, but they may have first appeared in ancient Assyrian stories, in which the Goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. the Sirens of Greek mythology, who would sit on rocks and sing, luring the men on boats to crash their vessels into the rocks, may have influenced many of these legends. There have been numerous historical accounts, including Christopher Columbus during his exploration of the Caribbean, which may have been inspired by sightings of manatees and similar aquatic animals. 

They traditionally very beautiful, wear seashells as adornment, and have long, flowing hair, with shimmering fish tails comprising their lower halves. These mermaid costumes are sure to turn you into a legendary creature that will be remember for years to come!

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