Mens Storybook & Fairytale Costumes

There are a lot of different Halloween costume options available for men of all ages, sizes and personalities. While many men feel that becoming part of a fairytale on this costume friendly day is a bit too much of a feminine gesture this is not the case. No fairytale is complete without the strong male counterpart that is ready to whisk away their damsel in distress. Halloween costumes are a great way to showcase your personal likes and sense of humor, and men's fairytale costumes will help you to stay creative year after year.

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Men's fairytale costumes range in style and design. The term fairytale makes many people think of cliche cartoon films that feature a princess and are adored by little girls everywhere, but fairytale is actually a very broad term. While Prince Charming is a popular men's fairytale costume there are many other options that are not part of a lovers role. Are you looking for a scary costume that will get a laugh while providing you with a masculine appearance, how about the big bad wolf? This is a full costume that features a mask, gloves and shoes so it is ideal for cooler environments. Haunt your neighborhood and warn grandma to find safety on your upcoming chilly Halloween night. Halloween costumes are also perfect for warmer environments in other designs. Grace your Halloween party as a warlock or Robin Hood. The Mad Hatter men's fairytale costume always provides a great opportunity for an evening full of laughs!

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