Men's Pimp Costumes

Halloween is on the horizon, and all kinds of fun costume events are being planned. If you're looking for an exciting way to show off your inherent swagger, why not choose a men's pimp costume? Our pimp costumes are so bright and colorful you're guaranteed to have all eyes on you, and the generous cut is comfortable for partying all day and night too.

Men's Pimp Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You’re not a business man, you’re a business, man! If everyone knows what’s good for them they’ll let you handle your business, damn. Get out there and collect your money with a costume that will have everyone giving you a wide berth this Halloween. There will be no doubt just who runs these streets when you’re wearing a costume you found using our impressive collection of pimp costumes for your convenience.

Become the high-stakes player you’ve always known you could be and show up to the party in a styling new look that will have all the ladies crowding around you. This retro 1970s wear features iconic pimp fashion style such as leopard and tiger prints with long coats, big hats and pimp canes for you to take care of anyone who gets out of line while you’re people are out doing what they do best. Pick up a fro accessory for a complete top-to-bottom outfit that will transform you into the true pimp daddy boss.

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