Men's Costumes New Arrivals

The toga thing is funny and all, but you've worn it for the past five years. Give your Halloween look an update when you order any of our new for 2019 costumes! From comedian to superhero to psycho-killer, we have the look for you. Browse through our dozens of options and find your favorite! We have lots of funny costumes to outfit the jokester of the group. Our many mascots will help release the party animal in you, whether you're looking to lounge around in a lion kigurumi or get the place hoppin' as a kangaroo. Get your groove on in a 60s and 70s inspired look or join the clergy to bring some peace to troubled friends.

Find the Best Selection of New Mens Costumes

You can always imitate your favorite characters with our new TV, movie, and video game costumes! Visit Gotham in any of our Arkham series muscle suits or turn tail for the countryside in a Duck Dynasty outfit. Worried that your Slomin's Shield isn't doing enough? Join the Avengers and protect your home!

There are plenty of scary costumes for you to choose from too. Get the last laugh in a killer clown outfit or trudge up old news as a zombie! Our many skin suits are just realistic enough to be disturbing, masking your features with bright colors and detailed shading.

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