Every Halloween seems to be a battle of the trendiest costumes. Just think back to last year's festivities and remember how many people you counted dressed as popular celebrities. This year, if you're a guy looking for a way to make October 31st a real Halloween spectacle, think classic and go back to the reason for the season, horror. Halloween is the one time during the year when we get to celebrate the macabre, the bloody and the just plain awful, and we have the right costume to help you scare up a good time.

Horror & Gothic Costumes

If you want to go for realism, the 3D Zombie costume is the ultimate in rotting flesh and bone. The grisly mask and gray tattered wig are only the start of a realistic and gruesome tribute to all those late night movies about the undead. Decaying body parts burst out of your clothes, creating the illusion of exposed bones and organs. The effect will earn you plenty of double takes.

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