Mens 60's Costumes

The 60's in America was perhaps the most wide-ranging and defining decade in modern American history, a time of transition, renewal and massive upheaval that left the country and the world with many defining images and iconic personalities. Today, the place of the 60's in the public consciousness has come to the fore, with shows like "Mad Men" and many 50th anniversaries rapidly approaching. There is no better way to hearken back to this decade than to dress up as a favorite character from this iconic decade, and our full selection of men's 60's costumes is the first place to look.

Find Mens 1960's Costumes At Low Wholesale Prices

Is there a more recognizable figure from the end of the 60's than the hippie? Here we have many versions of the classic hippie outfit, all sure to be a hit on Halloween night or simply at your next party. There are many variations on the classic hippie, with the basic starting point being the classic leather, moccasin-like vest. There is also a Rastafarian inspired look, which is certain to turn heads and capture the attention of all wherever you may wear it. Also available is a full hippie ensemble featuring the iconic peace sign necklace and bright tie-dyed vest and pants. This is a getup straight out of an Austin Powers movie, and it is so instantly recognizable that it will act as an instant conversation starter at any party you go to.

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