Mens 50's Costumes

Whether you're a beatnik hipster or a total square, our selection of men's 50's costumes will provide you with plenty of period Halloween costumes to choose from. Celebrate the idyllic simplicity of this bygone era by celebrating the All Hollow's Eve as classic pop icons or just a regular guy from this remarkable decade.

Buy 1950's Costumes For Men At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

From the perfect shave to gelled hairdos you could bounce a coin off of, the 1950's was a decade like no other when it comes to men's fashion. Our 1950's costumes give you a chance to relive the glory days of the upright law abiding citizen when even rebels like Elvis and the Fonz were the kind of guys a girl could bring home to dinner. You'll definitely be turning some heads with these flashes from the past.

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