Medusa Costumes

One way to celebrate the Halloween festival in style is by going back to the days of ancient Greek mythology with a Medusa costume. She was an evil gorgon of the underworld with a crown of snakes who could turn people into stone if they looked directly into her eyes. Her appearance is terrifying. Since these outfits are based on Grecian styles, they feature gowns and dresses with empire waits and flowing drapes of fabric. What is leaves you with is a style that is exquisitely flattering to your curves while striking fear in on-lookers.

For women who would like to look sexy during Halloween, but want something with more edge than a Greek goddess dress, the Medusa costume is a welcome alternative. Even in its full-length form, it is just as sexy as the Medusa mini-dress style. The mystery surrounding Medusa contributes to the outfits sex appeal.

She has great history. It is believed that she was once so beautiful that Athena became envious of Poseidon's affection for her and turned her hair to snakes. Furthermore, Athena cursed her by making any one who laid eye on her turn to stone. Eventually this gorgon has so much power that when she was beheaded, Athena place Medusa's head on her shield.

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