Medieval Renaissance Costumes

Whether you are looking for a unique ensemble or simply a history buff, Renaissance Halloween costumes offer an alternative to the standard witches and ghouls that dominate the Halloween costume scene. With flowing gowns and wimples for the ladies and ornate tunics and chain mail for the men, Renaissance costumes are not only attractive, but also visually interesting and sure to be a conversation starter at any party.

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For women, Renaissance Halloween costumes will usually consist of fancy gowns with embroidered bodices and long, flowing skirts for those that wish to portray elegant Renaissance ladies. For those that wish to play barmaids or peasants, these costumes feature tightly cinched corsets over blouses with puffed sleeves and plunging necklines. These costumes are easy to accessorize with jewelry, headdresses, and wigs to achieve an accurate and fun Renaissance look.

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For the guys, Renaissance costumes can range from tunics and breeches to full suits of armor. If you are taking your kids around the neighborhood to trick or treat, you might want to avoid the suit of armor, but it would be a definite hit at a Halloween party. Weaponry of all kinds is a requirement to complete the image of a Renaissance hero. Look for jeweled daggers and long swords, but just remember not to bring real weapons around small children.

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Renaissance Halloween costumes are flattering for a great many body types. You can spend a lot of money with intricate clothing and accessories or this costume can be put together inexpensively with just a gown or tunic. How complicated you choose to make your costume is up to you. If you are looking for a Halloween costume that is different from the norm, a Renaissance costume is sure to have everyone looking at you.

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