Medieval Renaissance Costumes

Whether you are looking for a unique ensemble or simply a history buff, Renaissance Halloween costumes offer an alternative to the standard witches and ghouls that dominate the Halloween costume scene. With flowing gowns and wimples for the ladies and ornate tunics and chain mail for the men, Renaissance costumes are not only attractive, but also visually interesting and sure to be a conversation starter at any party.

Medieval Renaissance Costume Ideas & Inspiration

If you love the aesthetic of the Medieval Times, then you are going to absolutely love all of our Medieval Renaissance Costumes for Halloween this year! Whether you're looking to dress up as a jousting knight, a glorious king or queen, or a fun and entertaining jester, we have all kinds of fun costume options for you this year. Did you know that the word Renaissance means "awakening" or "rebirth". This makes sense, considering the Medieval Renaissance was a time of cultural renewal and renovation in Europe, characterized by all kinds of transformations in thought, art, and dress.

When you head to the Halloween party wearing your Renaissance attire this year, everyone is going to be watching you in pure awe of your beauty and grace. The fashion and look of the Renaissance is very regal and kingly. Knights were held in high honor, and those who were skilled in combat or horse-riding prowess and jousting were often prized for their abilities! The jesters were the entertainers of the King and Queen's court, wearing many faces as a comedian, a juggler, and an actor all in one.

With their festive attire and multi-horned hats with jingling bells, they were always known for putting smiles on people's faces (most importantly the King and Queen's!). The princesses and queens of the Renaissance were some of the most beautiful beings to behold, their long dresses elegant and their crowns and tiaras gold and studded with pretty gems and designs.

Whether you choose to be a knight, a jester, or a member of the Royal family this Halloween, when you put on one of our high quality costumes, you will feel like you belong in the Renaissance yourself. Buy one of our costumes today, and then scan our site for crowns, weapons, jewelry and more great accessories!

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