TV & Movie Masks

Wear a TV or movie mask to become your favorite character. Many of these full and partial masks work well on their own, while others are the finishing touch to a full costume. They range in price from cheap ones you can get for a last minute outfit and not feel bad if you never wear it again, to collector items that you will want to keep on display year round.

TV Movie Mask Ideas & Inspiration

Step into the shoes of some of your favorite big screen heroes and villains this Halloween with the help of officially licensed products that have been designed to meet the needs of fans and enthusiasts first and foremost. Our collection of television and movie branded mask are here to provide you with an exciting piece of apparel that can be worn either on its or combined with a matching costume for an authentic new appearance that feels ready to captivate a live audience.

Featuring a range of brands, we have masks covering the gamut from superhero movies such as the Avengers, to magical looking accessories from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Stalk your victims dressed as a slasher killer. These masks also come in various types ranging from half mass, to full latex products. Don’t miss out on the chance to express your fandom with a product that features the icons of modern pop-culture.

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