TV & Movie Masks

Wear a TV or movie mask to become your favorite character. Many of these full and partial masks work well on their own, while others are the finishing touch to a full costume. They range in price from cheap ones you can get for a last minute outfit and not feel bad if you never wear it again, to collector items that you will want to keep on display year round.

Find TV & Movie Masks For The Whole Family

Many can be worn with ordinary clothing that you might already have. These make the easiest costumes for office parties or when you won't have a lot of time to prepare. Wear your normal clothing and put it on only when you need it. To be Homer Simpson, for instance, you only need to wear a white shirt and blue pants along with our oversized mask. Or just put a nightgown over your clothes and wear the Exorcist's Regan mask for a scary look with minimal effort.

Buy TV & Movie Masks Online For Halloween

Many look better when they're worn with a costume, such as a Stormtrooper's white helmet or the Alien or Predator masks. But if it is a high quality one you can often get away with a cheaper costume. If you can't afford the deluxe Stormtrooper, get a basic one and upgrade to a full helmet. Or get creative. Sometimes a homemade outfit only has to suggest the character if you wear it with a good mask. We have styles from TV shows like the Simpsons and Smurfs, science fiction and horror movies from Saw to Wizard of OZ, and even video games like Angry Birds and Halo. Be scary or silly, simple or complicated. Masks make it easy.

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