Animal Masks

You'll look fierce in one of these fun animal masks. Animal Halloween outfits are interesting and unique choices and they can be funny, cute, and even frightening. Going out in an animal themed ensemble is also good idea because you'll stand out apart from the witches, vampires, and ghosts. But if you're trying to pass yourself off as another species, you may need to cover that human face of yours. This collection of eye masks, half masks, and over the head latex masks can be just the thing your costume is missing. Really get into character from head to toe by incorporating one of these fun animal masks into your ensemble.

Order Animal Masks From Wholesale Halloween Costumes

For cute or sexy cat costumes, we have some really fun animal print masks that come in either Leopard print or Cougar print and we also sell solid black eye masks that work well for a Catwoman outfit. If you're looking for something humorous and light, we have a chimpanzee, horse, and a cow over the head mask. These masks are very detailed and can be a focal point on the costume. If you want something a little more frightening to keep with the spirit of Halloween, we have some truly vicious wolf and lion masks that will make more than one person jump and do a double take.

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