Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks are the perfect disguise. With your face completely or even partially covered, your identity is hidden. This adds to the mystery of your Halloween costume and gives is a finished look. Many costumes are not complete without a mask. In fact, some kinds are so important that your disguise is meaningless without it.

Popular Mask Categories

There is incredible value in investing in a timeless mask. Hillary Clinton will remain a powerful political force for years to come. Elvis has rocked our nation for decades, and he will still be a scintillating force for many more. You can’t go wrong in picking a timeless mask to wear to your Halloween party, costume bash, or event! Year after year, full size dinosaur head masks will never fail to entertain. Adult owl masks and chimp masks pave way for laughter every time they are worn. 

If you delight in horror, our classic zombie masks, adult Beetlejuice Martha mask, and creative goblin masks are pure fun. We’d never leave out the huge blockbuster Star Wars films from our choice of masks. Indeed, browse our website to discover a range of timeless Star Wars characters, from C-3Po to Chewbacca! When you’re looking to mix things up a bit, hand over your classic mask to a friend who will breathe new life into the mask, while you happily search our mask selections for a brand new way to make your friends gawk in awe.

Popular Mask Licenses

We feature a dizzying array of popular, officially licensed masks, from Star Wars to Jurassic World to DC Comics! Capture the humor and excitement from the movies and instantly bring them into your own life via our licensed masks. Feel a delightfully terrifying rush when you put on our Jurassic Park T-Rex overhead mask—one that covers your entire head! 

As a T-Rex, imagine you’re the big boy in town, as animals and humans alike flee for their itty-bitty lives. You’ll stomp and crunch as you nosh your way through the party, grabbing a delicious cocktail in your teeny arms in the process. Who can resist Yoda from Star Wars? Our new arrival, the Star Wars Yoda facemask, is neon green and will make your friends green with envy too, when they see you in this realistic mask with deep rooted age lines and protruding ears that listen to the heartbeat of the universe!

Halloween Mask Ideas and Tips

Picture the fantastical world of Hollywood movies, with cinematic stars like Harrison Ford, gracing the silver screens, and mystical creatures like Luke Skywalker, blazing through the infinite darkness of space. Then imagine yourself as one of these amazing beings! Invite your favorite character into your life with the our endless selection of Halloween masks! 

Whenever new movies or shows hit the screen, our store immediately moves into production mode to capture these emerging characters and transform them into Halloween masks for fans like you. We feature hilarious political masks, like the realistic but comical faces of past presidential candidates as well as the sitting president. We’ve got horror and we’ve got animals! Everything under the sun is offered somewhere in our vast selection of Halloween masks.

Full Masks

The advantages of a full mask are plenty, if you choose to go this route! Your full head is consumed by the mask as you assume the character’s identity in its entirety during a night out, with all its motives, ambitions, and thrilling experiences! Being caught up in the adventures of a character is exciting for many. A two-piece mask, like our The Last Jedi Adult Deluxe Executioner Trooper Two-Piece Mask, is another full mask but, like the costume title suggests, it’s in two pieces. Like adding the cherry to the ice cream, you don’t have to worry about styling your hair!

Partial Masks

A partial mask may be preferable to some. We feature a grand selection of partial masks to suit every taste! A partial mask may allow extra breathability. Wearing a partial mask, you get to style your own hair and give your fellow partygoers a glimpse into your personal, creative version of how the character could look. Get politically savvy with a half mask, like our Hillary Clinton Vacuform Election Half Mask, that complements a woman’s business suit to a T! A three quarter mask, like our Star Wars Jar Jar Binks ¾ mask, gives you a lush, alien look without compromising comfort. This mask cuts off at the base of the chin, so you have the ability to move unhindered!

Mask Group Costumes

Let’s say you are heading out to a Halloween party with a group of friends. Nothing unique, right? Make this night memorable for you and your posse by coordinating a costume theme. We offer an expansive range of Star Wars themed outfits, DC Comics disguises, and more! 

For instance, transform into Star Wars’ Darth Vader while your best bud turns into a Stormtrooper. Maybe your cousin can join in on the fun by putting on our Kylo Ren Two Piece Mask. The intergalactic battles take shape when another comrade dresses up in our Adult Deluxe Praetorian Guard Two Piece Mask. See what we mean? Experience loads of fun by joining forces and attending your upcoming Halloween events as a well-coordinated group! The thrills are not limited to Star Wars’ themed masks. Have a look at our vast selection of masks and start organizing a group theme!

Mask Couples Costumes

Maybe you’re more romantically inclined these days. We have just the right character mask so you and your significant other can arrive at your party as a linked pair. Consider our Venetian masks to represent your romance! Our Venetian Raven Black Mask pairs well with our Black Venetian Mask With Feathers. Our Adult Disney Beauty and the Beast Ultra Prestige Mask are incredibly enchanting alone but wondrously spellbinding when coupled with a Women’s Belle costume. You get the idea! Whatever theme you and your partner fancy, our choice of masks will make your costume dreams a Halloween reality for 2018!

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