Maleficent Costumes

From the untold tale of Disney's infamous villain in the story Sleeping Beauty, comes a movie from the evil enchantress' perspective. Our Maleficent Costumes are perfect for portraying the characters from the popular film, and will make your Halloween feel like a magical fairy tale. You will find everything, from costumes to accessories, to help you put together an extraordinary wardrobe. Both children and adults can experience the magic of these fantastic items. You won't need to cast any spells or fall into a deep slumber to feel like you are in the tale. All you need is a great outfit that will dazzle at any occasion.

Disney Villains Costumes

It's hard to compete with somebody whose nickname is the Mistress of All Evil, but some sure try. With the likes of Lady Tremaine, Ursula, Cruella DeVil and the Evil Queen by her side, there are few groupings of characters more fearsome than the original Disney Villains. With them, a spinning wheel becomes a trap, an apple becomes a sentence and one single seashell could take your breath away. To have a truly scary Halloween, consider costumes for these notorious names.

Disney Descendants Costumes

Maybe Maleficent would have taken it a bit easier on Aurora had she known she'd have a daughter of her own one day. Mal and her friends, Evie, CJ and Carlos are the next generation of Disney Villains, and they're not shy about doing a little bad for the greater good. Grab a Descendants Mal costume to match your Maleficent style and have the perfect mother-daughter look this Halloween.

Feeling a bit wicked? We offer a wide variety of Maleficent character ensembles. Check out our selection for your favorite, and put together a remarkable wardrobe. We have plenty of accessories that will enhance any costume, and add extra flair to your appearance. You can find gloves, headdresses, and props. The more you add to the disguise, the more intimidating you will become. Bring this nefarious character to life, and impress all your friends.

For all those who have purely good intentions, there are a variety of Princess Aurora dresses. The sleeping beauty has been a popular character since the fabled legend was first written, and makes for an excellent disguise. Children and adults can choose from our selection to experience the charms of being a pretty princess. If you are lucky, you will be whisked away by your prince charming!

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