Makeup Kits

Makeup Kits are the easiest way to create the look you want for your costume. Whether you're dressing your daughter up as her favorite Monster High Doll, or you're going as a vampire or zombie yourself, we have the kits that contain everything you need for a full transformation. Once you've found your costume and the right wigs and accessories, makeup is the finishing touch that can take your outfit from plain to extraordinary. Some looks, like cowboys and princesses, don't require a lot of makeup, but for those that do, our makeup kits are the key to success.

Buy Make Up Kits From Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Many costumes require over-the-top makeup to be successful. You can't just throw on a colorful suit and expect people to appreciate your clown outfit, and you can't just wear all black and call yourself a vampire. These looks call for a little extra effort, but with our great prices, going the extra mile with makeup won't drain your wallet. A lot of these kits could even be used again for face painting at your child's next birthday party, so they're worth the investment. Many of your child's favorite TV and movie characters have distinctive looks, and we carry dozens of officially licensed makeup kits for everyone from the Smurfs to Lady Gaga. We also offer a variety of professional quality prosthetic kits complete with liquid latex and adhesive for you to enhance any gruesome ensemble.

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