Don't drive yourself mad if you are having trouble finding the perfect Mad Hatter costume because you can find it right here. Find a large oversized top hat, a bow tie and a suite to make your Mad Hatter Halloween costume complete or look through this large selection and you will be ready to go. This is the character that appears the story "Alice in Wonderland" and since its creation has undergone several renditions in a novel, cartoon animation and film. The Mad Hatter is depicted as a somewhat insane gentlemen who is strangely preoccupied with hosting a tea party with his friend the White Rabbit. Alice meats him and the hare in the novel and craziness ensures.

Mad Hatter Costumes

The characters origins can be traced back to the term "mad as a hatter" which was used in 18th and 19th century England in reference to an insane person. This phrase was used because top hats at this time period were shined with mercury. Some men would breath in to much of the mercury vapors from the hat which would cause them to slip into a state of mania making them crazy much like the famously notoriously insane character in the Alice in Wonderland story. He is an interesting character that is known by many and if you are looking for a Mad Hatter costume you have found the right place.

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