Luke Skywalker Costumes

Discover your hidden Jedi origins with our Luke Skywalker costumes. Train your way up from farm hand to Jedi Master as you wear the classic Star Wars outfit. Bring balance to the force and purchase your Luke Costume now!

Luke Skywalker Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Become the savior of the galaxy and overthrow the Empire dressed as one of the Rebel Alliance’s most important heroes. Fresh off his dramatic turn in The Last Jedi, this exciting Star Wars catalog features products that are designed to provide you or your child with everything they need to take up the mantle of this heroic farm boy turned Jedi Master.

Our Luke outfits feature his costumes from everything ranging from his Tattooine moisture farmer look, to Rebel commando and finally a bitter and broken down Jedi master.  There’s truly an outfit for every Luke fan no matter which period is their preference. With accessories such as the face mask, or wig and beard set you can go as all-out as you wish or instead choose to keep it simple and straightforward. Don’t forget to pick up his father’s lightsaber prop for an exciting weapon that has some serious years on it.

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