Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

If you want to add some fairytale flavor to a costume theme party, a holiday party, your school party or a Halloween gathering, then look no further than choosing one from the cute Little Red Riding Hood dresses. These brightly colored red dresses are sure to stand out in any party crowd making the onlookers remember the sweet little heroine who was lured by the Big Bad Wolf. When worn by a young girl, she will look superbly innocent and seem to convey to everyone never to trust a stranger! Many selections are complete ensembles and include the typical Red Riding Hood cape, a red and white apron and a dress that can be either solid colored or red gingham. Teens and women have choices that are more provocative. With these Little Red Riding Hood costumes, the dresses are a bit shorter and the necklines a bit lower.

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Red’s Revenge – DIY Costume/Makeup

We all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. The poor girl was doomed from the start. But could you imagine her getting revenge? Our makeup tutorial features a wolf-skinning, hatchet wielding Red, out for revenge on the wolf that ate her grandmother.

Werewolf Costumes

Sure, Little Red Riding Hood is the star of the show, but without a wolf, there's no show at all. Partner up with your friend or spouse this Halloween, and grab a style from our werewolves page to make a killer couples costume. If your Little Red is more the "damsel-in-distress" type, grab a third friend to dress as the heroic lumberjack!

Women's Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

You'll be visiting grandma in style when you wear a Little Red Riding Hood costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. This story doesn't have to end poorly this time around, because when you're the protagonist, you'll be looking more fierce than any Big Bad Wolf ever could. Throw on your crimson cape and grab your picnic basket, and stroll on through the woods to your perfect Halloween party as Little Red Riding Hood.

Children's Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Your little one won't be fearing any big, bad wolves when she's dressed in red this Halloween. With a Little Red Riding Hood Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, she'll be fierce as ever, and won't even need help from your local lumberjack. Throw in a picnic basket and a stuffed, plush wolf as two cute accessories, and your fearless daughter, sister or niece will be playing the part of the timeless character this October.

Big Bad Wolf Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood, her grandma and any number of lumberjacks never stood a chance. Big bad wolf costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes will have you wreaking havoc on any storybook or fairytale character that stands in your way. Be a typical wolf, displaying your fur, or wear the attire of your prey - either a flannel lumberjack-type shirt or a nightgown and sleep cap like grandma. No matter what goes over your wolf look, you're sure to scare!

Buy Little Red Riding Hood Costumes At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

To bring in more fun and look extra convincing as the charming and innocent girl duped by the trickster wolf, the Little Red Riding Hood costumes can be suitably and attractively accessorized with the Gingham basket, a wig, white tights, black heeled shoes or black slippers, princess makeup to give your face the authentic Red Riding Hood look. The Little Red Riding Hood garb is an ever popular outfit at theme parties and is sure to command a lot of applaud from your daughter's fellow party mates and others.

And this is not all! Although the Little Red Riding Hood costumes everywhere but no place has the selections of styles and sizes that we have at the prices we sell them for. Place your order today for this ever popular fairytale outfit to make you or your child the famous fairytale character.

DIY Wolf Half Mask

If you've got a Little Red Riding Hood on your hands, a wolf mask is a perfect way to complement the look. Even better, this DIY wolf mask is a half mask, which makes it less cumbersome to wear. Pair it with some of your own clothes or a grandmotherly nightgown and you've got the perfect (and easy) DIY costume for this Halloween!

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