Light Up Costumes

Add some light to this dark and dreary holiday. Whether it's an accessory, a whole costume, or a decoration to make your house frightening, there are all different kinds of light up costumes, accessories and decorations for adults and children. It's always a nice surprise when you have an already awesome product and then find out it's even cooler because it illuminates. Everything here will illuminate you and help you stand out above the rest of your peers at school or at the Halloween party. You might already have a glow about you, but why not add to it with something from this Light Up theme section?

There are so many outfits that are heightened by light up accessories and attire. Most super heroes don't have lights on their costumes, but you can't be a fairy without having a certain glow. This section doesn't even only apply to Halloween. What would Rudolf be without his glowing red nose? He'd be just another reindeer who gets lost in the fog. That little extra spark is necessary sometimes, so don't blow your chance of being equipped with something that lights-up.

Don't have a bland house when October roles around. You want people to walk by it and get chills. There are so many creepy ghost-like decorations and traditional Halloween animal decorations, with LED eyes, which will surely freak your neighbors out.

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